NOUS Improves memory, concentration, mental clarity, and performance (memorizing and recalling information)


What are the benefits of NOUS?

We’ve called our line NOUS based on the classical term in philosophy which equates to ‘intellect’ or ‘intelligence’. The supplement will help improve your memory, concentration and give you mental clarity for better memorizing and recalling of information.

What’s in NOUS that helps with memory?

The active ingredients in NOUS are whole-grape extract and wild blueberry fruit extract - (MEMOPHENOL TM) and sage (Salvia officinalis / Salvia lavandulifolia) (COGNIVIA TM). Together they work in synergy and help with improved mental clarity, memory and concentration. By stimulating the nervous system and improving blood vessels in the brain, they contribute to the optimal action of neurotransmitters and protect nerve cells from oxidative stress.

What makes MEMOPHENOL™ so unique?

As one of the key ingredients in our NOUS line, MEMOPHENOL™ has proven effectiveness by several proprietary studies. It has an innovative way to act directly on the brain through neurogenesis and synaptic plasticity. It affects positively short and long-term memory.

How does COGNIVIA™ help me?

In this day and age we always want to be at our mental peak performance by staying focused for long periods of time without missing a beat. COGNIVIA™ is the perfect answer for that. It is a micro-encapsulated sage complex (Salvia officinalis leaf extract, Salvia lavandulifolia oil), extracted from the sage plants and it’s an essential ingredient in NOUS

When should I take NOUS?

NOUS is the perfect supplement when you are suffering from extra mental fatigue and want to be at your best. If you are studying for an exam or preparing for an important meeting or have a very intense period at work. It is also great as your age advances and it will help you maintain a great brain health.