Strengthen the immune system of children


How important are nutrients for my child’s immune system?

Whether your kids are going back to school or you just need to ensure that they’re in good physical health, immunity is always a big worry for parents especially now in a situation of global pandemic. While following general guidelines to protect your kid from all kinds of viruses and diseases is important, so is prevention and boosting their immunity. 

Vitamins and other nutrients are very important to give them this extra boost which will help them in the fight against viruses and other germs. A healthy diet is one of the key ingredients to provide those nutrients, however a well balanced supplement formula can give you this extra strength and a peace of mind that your child is well prepared for the onslaught of flu and cold season.

What can the PEDIA line help with?

Here at AGAN we have developed two liquid formulas in our PEDIA line. The PEDIA STRONG IMMUNITY contains Elderberry juice, 1,3-β-glucan from Saccharomyces cereviciae Vitamin C, Vitamin D3 and Zinc and helps boost the immune system function and the body’s natural defenses. This will help fight pathogens faster and aid recovery. 

The PEDIA BB LAX is a formula rich in prebiotics which promotes the growth ‘gut-friendly’ bacteria and also helps with better bowel and intestinal function thus also strengthening the child’s immune system.

Is the PEDIA line suitable for babies?

The recommended age from which you can start using the PEDIA line for your child is 2 years old. Always consult your pediatrician before starting on a course of supplements.