We are proud of being THE FIRST COMPANY WORLDWIDE that developed products focused and dedicated to MENTAL WELL-BEING

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Introducing the pioneer in mental well-being supplements: EUSENSIA

We believe in the power of nourishment to support a healthy mind, and we're proud to be the first company to offer a range of food supplements specifically designed to enhance your mental wellbeing. 

With EUSENSIA, you'll feel the difference.

The Natural Way to Better Emotions


How can the EUSENIA line help me?

The EUSENSIA line of products is specifically designed to offer remedies that combine herbal and other natural ingredients which help you deal with the negative effects of stress in your daily life. We all know how our environment can be the reason for a lot of pressure on our bodies, minds and result in negative emotions as well as physical and mental symptoms that indicate high levels of stress. EUSENSIA is here to help you combat all these.

What type of conditions is EUSENSIA suitable for?

We currently offer four different varieties of EUSENSIA supplements, designed to prevent, treat and regulate problems related to anxiety and tension (EUSENSIA CALM FACTORS), induce calm and relaxation (EUSENSIA RELANXIA), balance the emotions and induce sense of wellbeing (EUSENSIA NO DEPRESS) and support your body in managing physical and mental stress by controlling excess cortisol production, promoting adrenal functions and increasing energy and endurance (EUSENSIA STRESS ADAPT).

How can I take EUSENSIA products?

Our EUSENSIA line products come in the form of vegicaps which can be taken daily with water, or in case of active situations you can take 2 capsules. Always best to consult a physician before starting on a course of EUSENSIA dietary supplements.

How does the EUSENSIA CALM FACTORS help me with anxiety and tension? 

The EUSENSIA CALM FACTORS can help you prevent and manage situations related to conditions such as panic attacks, anxiety, phobias or nervous tension. You can take it as prevention (1 capsule daily) or in acute situations, you can take 2 capsules immediately with some food. 

The active ingredient, Lactium® is basically a hydrolyzed milk protein which contains a bioactive peptide with relaxing properties called alpha-casozepine. It is the same protein that helps calm babies down, and it can enhance your concentration, control the appetite and help with hypertension and sleep disorders.

Does EUSENSIA CALM FACTORS help with mental health?

Yes, EUSENSIA CALM FACTORS can have extremely beneficial effects on your mental and overall well-being. The No Depress supplement can be very efficient in cases of mild to moderate depression and mental fatigue by balancing the mood and maintaining positivity. 

The Stress Adapt line regulates homeostasis, which means your body can adapt to stress better by mobilising its internal energy reserves, for increased productivity, intellectual function and to fight fatigue and exhaustion.

What does the Bluenesse® in EUSENSIA Relanxia help with?

Bluenesse® is a lemon balm extract from the Melissa officinalis plant. It helps you fall asleep and supports your metabolic processes so you can have a more relaxing sleep and recover from daily stress.