An efficient way to stimulate your immune system against viruses, before full-blown symptoms.


Why do I need SUPRAMMUNE?

Our bodies are under constant attack by viruses, bacteria and other hostile microorganisms. With SUPPRAMUNE you’ll be stimulating your own immune system to prevent full-blown symptoms from developing and to ensure fast recovery.

What products do you offer in the SUPRAMMUNE line?

The SUPRAMMUNE line contains two types of products tablets/capsules - SUPPRAMMUNE PREVENT in case of flu or cold or to stimulate your immune system all year round and SUPRAMMUNE DEFENCE to help reduce symptoms and avoid complications of respiratory infections. There are also two sprays - SUPRAMMUNE COUGH RELIEF for fast and effective relief from dry and tickly cough and SUPRAMMUNE THROAT RELIEF which relieves from the discomfort caused by irritation by creating a protective film.